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My Wellness Travels Logo
Our Mission
Our goal is to assist in our customers active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of increased wellness and a better self.
Why Iceland?
Hot Springs
Geothermal Pools
Unspoiled Nature
Minimal Pollution
Fresh Local Food
Great Air Quality
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A visit to our beautiful country is not complete without sightseeing our amazing hot springs
Our Promise
We strive to include only the best and utmost qualified professionals in all our experiences.
To provide a responsible and research based wellness service that our customers trust in.
Our guides are hand picked and experienced in guiding people on unforgettable adventures through Iceland.
We take responsibility and ownership over the services we provide. So that we can proudly offer you experiences that are always of the highest quality.
To make you feel like you belong
Creating opportunities for individuals to improve their own health
Being open minded about ingenuity that will better us as a leading wellness company.
Help our customers feel empowered after an experiences with us.
Have an impact on the worlds wellness culture.